grande suono

want to play violin!

interest with plaing violin but,what should I do..

love music and someday
I want to play those music with violin!

want to play some instrument..and
I want to try playing violin.

Please call me feel free.

No problem if you have never touched any instruments or violin.

I will teach from zero and teach you detail about violin.

(how to read the music score,how we hold the violin and bow,

how we use muscle and brain for violin playing,

how we plactice violin everyday and etc..)

Italy flag

Hongo Studio:<<Marunouchi & Ooedo Line: Hongo sanchome station>>

I will prepare for another violin for Upper junior high school student who do not have own instrument yet.

please ask me about the date and time.I will adjust to the student as much as I can.

I support music study abroad to Italy if you really want to.

Please feel free to contact the email for Free trial lesson.