Ensemble Class

Ensemble Class

For enjoy beautiful harmony with professional player!
You absolutely can get fun to playing violin on the accompaniment.
Usually violin students play only solo at home, when you come in to Strings Ensemble,
you will surprise how fun to play instrument with other people and get more interest about music!
This will make you abolute good experience.
Great for study the music , Great training for Ear.

Ensemble Class

Teachers are all proffesinal players in Tokyo and graduated famous music university.

First ViolinStudent (Teacher)

Second ViolinTeacher (Student)

ViolaTeacher (Student)

CelloTeacher (Student)

For Trio course

1st violin

2nd violin


1 hour and half

12000 Yen


For Quartetto course

(I would recommend this class because more fun and more beautiful)

1st Violin

2nd Violin



1 hour and half

15000 Yen

Please tell us what kind of music would you like to play.

We can prepare the music score for students.
(Mainly classical music, movie music, disney andt etc..)

Enjoy music with us and have happy time!